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Augmented Reality

The best way to get 3D designs to Augmented Reality

Tips and tricks for best visual performance.

Getting your 3D designs into Augmented Reality is really the driver of immersive experiences that everyone is talking about. 3D models should be viewed in 3D and they definitely should be viewed in AR. Creating this with Vectary is very straightforward. We want to show you how, as well as drop some tips regarding object preparation.

Most likely, a scene is going to be populated with various objects and backgrounds. But, when creating an AR it is possible to focus only on one. To do that, we have to generate a separate AR file. The key here is to make the adjustments to the scene, but without affecting the AR model like in the embedded scene below:

How to share a complex 3D scene in the web embed and only a selected object in AR

  1. Set the right size of the 3D model for AR
    The first thing we have to do is to check the size of the model. The object size has to match the size of the real object. You can adjust this in the object properties menu that displays all the measurements. Scale it as it would be in real life, and in this case approximately 1150mm in height.

  2. Hide the objects
    Next important thing is to hide all the other objects featured in the scene. Go to the object list on the left and click on the eye icon. 
  3. Generate an AR file

Go to the properties menu and under advanced settings add Augmented reality. The AR file will be generated automatically. Once this is done, go back and unhide all the previously hidden objects. Share the project using the button in the top right corner. Then, on a mobile device, just press the AR icon to display it.

  1. Customize the AR icon
    Go to the Augmented reality setting and open the trigger menu. This lets you change the position and the padding. You can even upload your own design, tailored to your liking.

Please note: Scene effects will not change the look of the AR model. To be able to blend into the surrounding, the AR uses the light source of the environment that you see through the camera. That is the key factor here.

If you want to make changes to your AR file, or even select a different object from the scene, just go back and hide all of the objects you didn’t want to show, make changes or select a new object and re-generate the AR. Fast and easy and most importantly the viewers don’t have to download any other app. Just use the phone to view it.

Watch the full tutorial: