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We often underestimate the complexity of 3D design work when done in a team. Getting a 3D design project off the ground can be quite challenging without a well-oiled system that works for everyone involved.

However, what companies should avoid is a cumbersome processes of having a multiple-software that is overly coded to provide connectivity but at the expense of high complexity. All work, no flow.

An optimized 3D pipeline

The most productive set up should be able to accommodate input from multiple design sources and provide easy communication channels.

Vectary design and collaboration features are specifically geared for companies and agencies that require a smooth 3D pipeline to be fully integrated in the production process. It does not mean that it is the only source of design or project management. That would be impossible. But, it does provide an easy, user friendly, cloud-based solution that works as a hub for creation, management and sharing for quick project turn-arounds.

With that process in mind, Vectary was set up to act a scalable platform for all 3D design concepts, keeping everything organized, efficient, and up to quality standards by broadening options for collaboration and sharing.

This optimized workflow works in tandem with the 3D pipeline which is divided into three phases: pre-production, production, and go-to-market.

Product development stages

In the pre-production phase, the team will do all the planning, including researching concepts, modularity, and materials. Vectary provides solutions for design, material explorations and team work. Once the concepts have been approved, the project can move on to the production stage.

The production stage involves taking the ideas and turning them into interactive 3D designs either by importing objects, creating from scratch, or adding 2D graphics, animations, and other engaging elements. It also means taking advantage of the pre-sets available (objects, materials, HDR backgrounds, lighting, optimization) to speed up the process. In this stage, it's crucial to understand the needs of all stakeholders, so collaboration, comments, and approvals are key.

The final go-to-market stage is sharing the design that can be viewed anywhere and on any device. This can be done by sending a link to the complete project in a 3D viewer, by embedding it online in various project management and collaboration tools or viewing it in Web AR with only one click.

The benefits of a seamless-one-stop 3D workflow

The real magic happens when you have all the production stages in one platform. Here is how:

  1. Adapt quickly by importing 3D, CAD, 2D files or modeling what you need
  2. Save time by streamlining the feedback loop
  3. Reduce costs by eliminating the need for multiple software
  4. Improve team efficiency and collaboration with easy sharing options
  5. Ensure standardization that will lead to improved clarity, quality, and final outcome

Get set up and transform the design process

Getting ideas through the production channels should not take longer than coming up with the concept in the first place. Having an efficient and cost-effective 3D workflow provides engineers and designers a chance to create and iterate product concepts in a scalable online environment without hassle or interruptions.

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