Improved 3D workflow and CAD compatibility

Import your CAD files to Vectary.

Our team understands the importance of seamless integration with different software and CAD tools, which is why we have made sure that every CAD (and mesh) file out there can easily be imported in Vectary. It is a 3D workflow that will greatly benefit all product, architectural, mechanical, automotive, aerospace and consumer goods designers.

The process is straightforward

There are two ways to get CAD designs in Vectary:

  • Export from your CAD software to STEP or IGES file formats, which will then be converted to mesh objects when imported into Vectary. This method ensures that all CAD models can be used, regardless of the original software they were created in.
  • Another way to import CAD designs in Vectary is by exporting your designs as OBJ or FBX files. These file formats are natively supported by our platform and the quality of your designs will be defined by the settings you use when exporting from your original software.

Vectary intends to support CAD (NURBS) natively in the future, so STEP and IGES files won't need to be converted to mesh objects. This will bring additional benefits for engineers but it's worth noting that this is not yet a market standard. Engineers shouldn't run into any issues because mesh objects are currently supported by every industry solution.

What are the benefits

There are many advantages to using Vectary design platform in the 3D workflow to produce and enhance CAD designs, including:

  1. Improved Visualization: Designers can create and view their designs in a 3D environment, which makes it simpler to visualize the finished product and spot any potential problems before the manufacturing process starts.
  2. Better Collaboration: Designers and engineers can instantly communicate their ideas with other team members, clients, and stakeholders. This makes it easier for people to work together, communicate, and make sure everyone is aligned.
  3. Interactive animations: The ability to create animated models highlights the functionality and the modularity of the products, as well as quick options to change colors and materials within one viewer.
  4. Streamlined Workflow: Simplified process that enables the designers to create, modify, and analyze designs in a single environment. This increases productivity and saves time.
  5. Enhanced Flexibility: Designers can easily modify and iterate their designs, which gives them a high degree of flexibility and helps them reach the finished product more quickly.
  6. Better Communication with Manufacturers: By giving designers, engineers and manufacturers a common communication tool will increase manufacturing accuracy and lower the likelihood of miscommunication.

As you can see, regardless of the type of CAD designer, using a 3D software like Vectary offers numerous benefits in terms of visualization, collaboration, customization, workflow efficiency, design flexibility, and improved communication with manufacturers.

Import your CAD files to Vectary
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