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How to make beautiful 3D icons

Tips and tricks for creating eye-catching 3D icons in Vectary

Flat icon design is everywhere, so stand out from the crowd!

Designers nowadays are trying to create 3D icons as minimalistic as possible to be recognized. The biggest challenge of flat design is to rely heavily on colors, which is not always an easy task. Instead, having a full spectrum of tools like shadows, gradients, materials, textures is much handier when it comes to being creative. These are especially helpful in 3D design and can help create a completely new experience for the user.

How to create an amazing 3D icon

  1. Open Vectary Studio. It's online and free.
  2. Import an SVG file, in the Properties panel, add Thickness with the Extrude option.
  3. Convert the icon to Geometry with right click → Convert to Geometry
  4. Change the color, Add lights to the scene and adjust the view.
  5. Save and export your 3D icon as PNG, 3D file, or embed your icon on your website for everyone to see it in Augmented Reality.

3D icons look amazing in smartphone apps or software visuals

Whether you're an Android or iOS user, there's no doubt mobile design is the next big thing, and so are 3D icons. As a product designer, you want to make sure your app stands out so that users find it quickly on the home screen. Create a beautiful experience for them from the very beginning. Make a stunning product presentation, branding, or complex UI.

Add 3D icon design skills to your creative network or portfolio

Start from scratch in an empty scene and design your own 3D visuals. You might find it a bit challenging, but the final result will be a great project to add to your portfolio or to popular creative networks like Dribbble or Behance. Creating 3D icons in Vectary is fast, fun and your progress is always safely stored in the cloud so you can continue working at any time and from anywhere.

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