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Augmented Reality

How to create USDZ files for Reality Composer

Vectary is able to convert more than 60 types of 3D files to USDZ.

What is Reality Composer

Reality Composer is an Augmented Reality(AR) prototyping tool by Apple. You can create 3D content that interacts with the world around you using Apple mobile devices - iPhone or iPad. It is convenient in cases like online shopping, when your website visitors see, how would the product look in their home. Reality Composer is an additional tool to Reality Kit - a framework that translates an AR file into data we can work with.

Reality composer imports USDZ only

USDZ is a 3D file developed by Apple. And this is the only type of 3D file the Reality Composer supports for now. That's why you might need to convert other types of 3D files to USDZ. Vectary is able to convert more than 60 types of 3D files to USDZ. Additionally, the powerful 3D editor helps you customize the file and optimize it.

Where to get 3D models for Reality Composer

Apple has a limited number of examples on their site. With Vectary, you can create your 3D models from scratch or get millions of 3D assets from the Library. Whether it's furniture, character design, a 3D User interface or your logo converted to 3D - Vectary’s powerful 3D editor is here to get your job done.

How to convert 3D files to USDZ for Reality Composer

  1. Create a Vectary account on, it's online and free.
  2. Open Vectary 3D Studio.
  3. Drag and drop your 3D file. You can also edit the file by applying materials or changing the entire geometry.
  4. Go to Export in the Menu and select USDZ.
  5. Now you can download a USDZ file or check it in Augmented Reality with your iPad or iPhone - Open the camera on your device and scan the QR code. An option to view it in AR will appear.

Tip: The recommended size of the model is less than 100K polygons. You can check the number of polygons in Vectary as well.

Tip2: Optimize the polygon number with a Vectary tool such as Simplify. Fix the broken geometry of imported models with Weld.

How to import USDZ files to Reality Composer

If you are using Reality Composer on an iPad or iPhone, You can transfer your USDZ files to your iPad directly from Vectary.

  1. Go to Export in the Menu and select USDZ.
  2. Click on Download.
  3. Now use your iPad or iPhone to scan the QR code. Then click on Download to transfer your file to your device.
  4. Open the Reality Composer app and click on the "+" icon in the top bar.
  5. In the "Imported" section, click on the "+" icon again and find your downloaded USDZ file - it is saved to Downloads by default.
  6. After it’s added to the “Imported” section click again on the file to add it to your scene.

Tip: If you already saved your model to your desktop and you are not using the Mac version of the Reality Composer, use AirDrop or email to transfer the USDZ file to your iPad or iPhone, where your Reality composer app is located.

How to get the AR experience to Android users too?

Maybe you have already found out that this Augmented Reality can be experienced on iOS devices only. The technology is called ARkit, and it is great. The only limit is that it's not working on Android devices, which use another AR technology - AR core. Luckily, Vectary offers a WebAR viewer that connects both of those technologies. It works as simply as embedding a YouTube video on your website. No external app is needed.

Learn more about WebAR