Sharp Consumer Electronics

Sharp Consumer Electronics is already working with 3D models, as created in CAD software. The models need to be displayed easily and quickly on their own site as well as sent to partners.


Consumer Electronics

Company size



Osaka, Japan


The Challenge

CAD designs

The existing CAD designs could not be used by other departments, especially customer facing channels. The 3D models would also need to be optimized if they are to be displayed on the main company site directed for customers, or other wholesale e-commerce sites.

Non-existent 3D workflow

Sharp faced several challenges as they had a non-existent 3D workflow and were sharing files through various platforms such as snaps, Dropbox, PowerPoint, and emails. Sharp was looking for a single platform for sharing and feedback processes.

Product presentation

The company had issues with storytelling not being interactive and wanted innovative. They were searching for a solution that would create product presentations that customers could interact with.

The Solution

Single source of information

Vectary addressed these challenges by becoming the single source of information, allowing collaboration through in-project comments and one link sharing in emails, or embedding on the web.

Augmented Reality

Adding the novelty of using Augmented Reality (AR) also increased the time the users interacted with the product. It also gave the company the competitive edge and brand attraction.

Effective workflow

Setting up an effective workflow for multiple departments to use was the key initiative. Together with the Vectary success manager, Sharp had implemented various features and functionalities that save time, use an organized approach and are easy to use:

  • organization in workspaces and folders per department
  • seat management and access rights to various projects
  • security measures for project safe keeping


Vectary has also provided onboarding sessions and guidance to the in-house designers on optimization capabilities, design features and interactive options.

The results

“It’s so easy to get the result with Vectary. No more email ping-ponging during preparation. We can get it on the web with only a few clicks, and our customers love placing Sharp products in their living room using AR.”

Speed and effect

  • 85% faster feedback process
  • Improved customer retention - time on site
  • NPS by better and interactive product presentation.

Cross-departments workflow

Vectary also improved team collaboration, cross-department sharing, and other relevant areas by becoming the 3D hub, always being up to date, allowing comments directly on the product, and tagging specific people to notify a collaborator immediately.

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