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For building interactive experiences for Web, AR and Metaverses.
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Design Mode
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Frequently Asked

Is there a trial period?

No, Vectary is for free and always will be. You can try it without a time limit.

What is a workspace?

A workspace contains individual Vectary Studio projects, which can be organized into folders. The Vectary Dashboard displays a list of all available workspaces and allows you to switch between them. You can always have one free Starter workspace.

Features available in your projects are based on the location where they are stored. Pro workspaces include features such as interactions, augmented reality, and a non-branded viewer for shared projects, just to name a few.

Business and Custom workspaces allow you to collaborate on projects with your team. Add more seats and assign roles (viewer, editor). Projects in a team workspace have more sharing features unlocked, such as cloning and restricted access.

How does the Pro workspaces subscription work?

With a Pro subscription, you are paying for features that are unlocked for projects stored in this Pro workspace. If your subscription expires or you move your project to a different workspace, you will lose access to the Pro features related to this project. Cancelling a Pro subscription locks the workspace and all of its projects.

Who is responsible for the team workspaces?

The owner of the workspace is required to provide a payment method when upgrading the workspace to a Business plan. Members with editor rights can add or remove seats. The owner is responsible for the editors' updates, but they are not required to approve adding or removing seats.

How do I invite team members to a team?

Please contact our Sales team, and they will set the Workspaces according to your needs. Adding members is done from the Workspace settings. Invites are created with tokenized links. An email from the member is not required. Simply copy the seat-links and send them to anyone who should join your workspace. New users, will be guided through the registration. The workspace will appear in their Dashboard and Studio sidebar.

What happens when I add members to a workspace?

The invited team member can view or edit folders and projects in the dedicated workspace (depending on the access rights).

Do team members need a subscription of their own?

Members of your workspace are not required to have a subscription with Vectary, and will not be billed. They will have a free Starter Workspace for their personal projects and be part of your paid Workspace, where you, as the owner pay for their seats.

What are Views and how are they counted?

A project with a "public link" can be accessed and viewed. Each view is counted, including the views from the content creator and the members of the workspace. Views of the project in AR are added to the count.

Do you have monthly and annual billing options?

A monthly or an annual Pro workspace subscription is possible. You will be charged at the beginning of the billing period.

Is the Pro plan recurrent?

Yes, all subscription plans are recurring. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Can you send me an invoice?

If you have paid via PayPal or credit card, you can download your invoice from the account Settings under - Plans and Billing. If you wish to pay for the Pro workspace using a different payment method, please contact:

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel anytime in the account Settings under - Plans and Billing: 'Your plan'. Scroll down to the option 'Cancel your plan'. After canceling the subscription, your Pro workspace plan will be disabled, and projects in this workspace won't be available for editing or viewing.

What happens to my projects after canceling my Pro plan?

The Pro workspace will be locked if the plan is not renewed after the end of the billing cycle. You will be unable to edit, move or access the projects in that workspace. All public embeds and links to projects within this workspace will have Vectary branding. Read more about the terms of termination and view limits in our Terms of Services (section 7 and 9.6).

Do you have a special discount for schools and classes?

Vectary Starter plan is free and can be used by schools without any limits. If you need to use interactions and collaboration features such as shared workspaces within the class, there are additional costs.  Please contact for our custom pricing plans for Education. Please specify in your request:

-  How long do you wish to purchase your plan for?
-  How many seats you will need per Classroom?
-  How many different workspaces (classrooms) do you need?

How can I remove the Vectary branding?

Projects in a Starter plan workspace will show the Vectary logo in all shared links. Moving a project to a Pro workspace or upgrading your Starter workspace to a Pro plan will remove the branding without having to synchronize or re-share projects.

What are the Public views limits and how can I increase them?

We generally, do not charge extra fees for traffic to your projects. This policy, however, is subject to fair use: if your Starter workspace total traffic usage (across all your projects) exceeds 10,000 monthly views, you may be required to upgrade to a Pro plan. If you anticipate having more than 100,000 views, please contact our Sales team in advance to find the best Custom plan solution for you.

Can I use Vectary commercially?

Yes, everything you create in Vectary can be used for commercial purposes. However, we recommend that you always check the license requirements for 3rd party assets from external libraries or other imported files, in case they are not allowed for commercial use.

How do you define a seat?

Per seat license is a software license based on the number of users who have access to a workspace. For example, a 100-user license means that up to 100 specifically invited users have access to the selected workspace. Every collaborative workspace requires its own setup of seats.