I am a scientist exploring new methods and technology that might be employed in space telescopes and satellites. My profession entails extensive theoretical analysis as well as empirical investigation.
Firat Yasar, Ph.D.| Postdoctoral Fellow - Microdevice Laboratory


Civil space program, aeronautics

research, and space research

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Washington, D.C., US

To tackle the challenges in our research, I interact with other scientists and brainstorm. As a result, communication becomes extremely important in navigating and maneuvering the research direction. To improve communication and information transfer, efficient arguments must be used regardless of the technical background of the receiver.

It had become so urgent in terms of technical drawings that all of my colleagues and I were producing really simplistic drawings and sketches that were eerily identical to one another, essentially lacking diversity and ingenuity. When I was seeking a better tool than the most commonly and readily available options, I stumbled upon Vectary.

Vectary has not only elevated my concepts to a professional level but has also given me the pleasure of making one-of-a-kind visual literature for space science and engineering. The quality and uniqueness of my interactive designs was quite intriguing to the audiences we had to present the ideas to. Most of my projects, articles, and ideas incorporating my designs from Vectary were highly successful and received a lot of positive feedback. I was elated when one of the chief scientists said: 'These designs have a soul.'

The computational capabilities available in 2020s are high. We should be able to accomplish wonderful visual showcases, and Vectary is a fantastic platform for achieving excellent work without any hassle.

“I recommend Vectary to everyone who wants to be creative and original with their concept presentations.”

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