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Online retailer for quality Italian furniture, expanding into the European market and offering great customer experience using 3D and AR.



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Pasiano di Pordenone, Italy


1. The enhanced customer experience

Vectary: Please let us know why did Mobili Fiver start using 3D designs and what led you to try out Vectary?

Ricardo Rodriguez, COO of Mobili Fiver: For us, the use of 3D was, as we saw it, a necessity because we are an online shop, an eCommerce. We wanted to provide our customers with the opportunity to imagine and visualize the furniture they desired inside their homes. We wanted to offer them a sense of security before making a purchase, despite already providing refunds and other options. Usually, when you need to buy furniture, you visit a physical store to see it, check its measurements, colors, and whether it would fit in your home.

As an online-only store, we recognized the importance of addressing this gap by leveraging 3D technology. We wanted to grant our customers the chance to see and feel more confident about their purchase, replicating the experience of physically examining the furniture before buying. Traditional photography couldn't replicate this experience.

In our e-store, customers can scan their homes and floors, choose the desired furniture, its measurements, and colors. We use Vectary for getting the 3D models optimized and ready for AR. This allows our customers to visualize the final result in their homes, offering a personalized experience beyond just viewing photos. We wanted customers to truly see what the furniture would look like in their own homes.

2. The growing business potential of using 3D and AR

Vectary: What was the main motivation for Mobili Fiver to start using 3D from the business side?

Ricardo Rodriguez: I believe it was essential to present something innovative as a new company entering foreign markets. Especially since we operate exclusively online, without the physical presence of our products, incorporating 3D and AR technology became a necessity, particularly in today's world where technology plays an increasingly significant role in the purchasing process. Abroad, it was indeed necessary. Using 3D was a way for us to genuinely showcase and convince our customers.

Vectary: Since your business is exclusively online, do you believe it has opened up the market for you beyond Italy, with an opportunity to go global.

Ricardo Rodriguez: Yes, that was indeed another objective for us. We aspired to expand our reach and introduce our "Made in Italy" products to international markets. By developing this app with Augmented Reality, we believe it will persuade more customers to purchase our furniture online. Using 3D is really meant to focus on a great customer experience, first and foremost.

3. Working with 3D models in parallel as physical samples

Vectary: Do you have design teams in-house or do you use external agencies?

Ricardo Rodriguez: We create everything in-house. That is why we have decided to work with Vectary. It is fast and easily adaptable to our team’s needs.

Vectary: Do you always have a physical sample before creating the 3D design, or do you sometimes solely rely on the 3D design?

Ricardo Rodriguez: We create our 3D-models during our design process, so from sketches or paper. Then, we check the result with the physical item and more specifically the prototype. However, the 3D designs complement the physical products.

“We are always looking for new solutions, new ways of being connected to our customers. The AR capability of Vectary was exactly what we were looking for.”

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