Memotics agency took part in “Wunderground 2023” event that aims to foster innovative growth for local retail and F&B industry players. By offering interactive 3D and AR experiences, Memotics aimed to create a sustainable ecosystem between local retailers and F&B industry players.



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The challenge

Create an innovative presentation for a large scale event

Working with a local bakery, the aim was to create an immersive experience using the latest technology and tools. Having an interactive 3D configurator was the ideal solution.

Connect to customers during and after the event

The goal was to create a takeaway for visitors from the booth that they could engage with after the event, and ultimately lead them to a full retail experience.

Pain points

Lack of time for the production

The agency had only 2 weeks before the tradeshow to bring the idea to life. Therefore, the solution had to be implemented quickly.

Unoptimized 3D files in Blender

The concept was initially presented using static 3D renders created in Blender. The file sizes were not suitable for online presentation.

Limited in-house technical resources

With no time to hire a pro 3D developer for the project, the team had to find no-code solution that would do the job.

The solution

Vectary provided Memotics with onboarding training and consultation, enabling them to successfully deliver the configurator for the client on time and with the same real-time visual quality as the presented render. They implemented a multistep customizer with a floating UI for each part of the cake. At the end of the experience, users had the option to save an image to their camera roll or order the configured cake. The entire 3D cake configurator was embedded on the client’s website. Visitors to the booth could also scan the QR code and instantly open the whole experience on their mobile phones. The configurator was optimized for a mobile-first experience. The cake customizer was also presented on iPads as a sales tool for the booth staff explaining the artisan bakery’s products and services.

Features used the most:

  • Custom Floating UI with interactions
  • Scene analyzer with material and 3D geometry optimization
  • Custom material library
  • Animations for 3D elements
  • Image download of the final configuration
  • Open link interaction with trackable attributes
  • Collaboration options using one Workspace
  • Embed code

The results

Uniquely innovative presentation kept many visitors engaged and in the booth for longer.

Increased awareness for the brand resulted in pre-orders, as well as mentions in the media.

Memotics is offering 3D configurators to more clients as part of their services and expertise.

See the cake 3D configurator in action
“With innovative Vectary tools we can showcase new ways brands and retailers can represent themselves.”
Nathanicha C.
CMO, E-Memotics

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