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Being a full-service agency also means providing clients with new and effective solutions that would increase their chance for online conversion. It also includes looking for the right resources to provide the means and the ways of getting the right results. LIndhagen Studio chose Vectary as the right 3D and AR platform to get the online engagement their clients were looking for.



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1. What were the challenges you faced before implementing Vectary?

Limited online interactivity for clients: Prior to using Vectary, our clients faced the challenge of not being able to showcase their products in 3D. This limitation affected not only the visual appeal of the site, but also the overall user experience that would lead to better conversion.

Market differentiation for clients: Without 3D visualization, our clients’ customers couldn't fully appreciate product details, leading to potential misunderstandings. In a competitive online marketplace where immersive experiences are becoming standard, this poses a significant disadvantage.

Securing high-profile clients: Our agency needed a solution that would attract new clients that were keen and ready to explore immersive experiences.

2. How was Vectary implemented to get the solutions you were looking for?

Enhanced user experience: Using Vectary, we integrated 3D visualizations into several of our clients’ online shops. This not only improved the site visuals and elevated the product presentation, but it also enriched the overall shopping experience for their customers.

Feature implementation: We leveraged Vectary's interactions and animation features for creating product displays for e-commerce and online campaigns where the product launch was a key component. The Augmented Reality feature provided our clients’ customers with a unique opportunity to visualize products in their actual environment.

Customization for brand alignment: To ensure the 3D visualizations resonated with our clients’ brand identities, we added logos and 2D images without having to switch platforms. Plus, the integration of Vectary's real-time commenting feature streamlined the feedback process for our clients so we could make easy changes and updates.

3. What were the final results?

Cost efficiency: Our clients realized significant savings by opting for 3D visualizations over traditional photography or videos.

Enhanced brand perception: The immersive 3D experience not only elevated our clients’ online presence but also positioned them as a forward-thinking and customer-centric retailer in the market.

"Vectary empowered us to provide innovative solutions tailored to our clients’ unique needs. As we look to the future, Vectary will be our primary recommendation for clients aiming to enhance their online presence with captivating 3D experiences."
K. Johan Ingemarsson, Founder and Owner at Lindhagen Studio

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