Figma 3D Plugin

Figma plugin to easily transition between 2D and 3D design.

Fast solution for web, UI/UX and product design

Change textures, lighting and model views

Model library for fast mockups - just add your branding

Install in Figma
Install in Figma

Vectary 3D Elements

The only 3D plugin you'll need on Figma to fully customize your 3D model and environment

chose best angle gif

Choose your best angle

3D gives you 360 possible ways to view your design. So, now you decide the exact angle to perfectly showcase your product in.

Customize everything (and anything)

Edit each part of your 3D model by colour, metalness, roughness, and material. Access an infinite number of textures with Figma frames. Change the lighting of a 3D model or environment.

Collaborate and share

Sharing 3D assets among team members just became easier. Import and automatically share team projects created in Vectary when team members connect their Vectary accounts to the Figma plugin.

Explore the full potential of the Vectary 3D design platform

More than just a plugin! Vectary is a complete in-browser 3D and Augmented Reality design platform made for building interactive experiences. Easy to learn, easy to use.

Learn more about Vectary
Learn more about Vectary