Showcasing 3D NFT art on the web and in AR

Featured artist: Shane Griffin, Reinterpretations project.

Shane Griffin, a visual artist, director, and founder of the Grif studio based in New York, has created work for companies such as Nike, Louis Vuitton, Apple, and others. He has a deep knowledge of 3D design tools and uses a variety of them in his work.

In his work Reinterpretations he created digital sculptures reinterpreted in a four-dimensional work. The sculpture's perspective was shifting to symbolize many viewpoints on our history and religion that had become warped over time.

You can view the sculptures in 3D, moving, and static forms. As NFT artwork, they are for sale. Digital sculptures are given to NFT owners to display in their online galleries.

NFT art presentation on the web

Shane's work is a perfect example of how to present NFT art on the web. Static renders would not be sufficient because the fourth-dimensional statues are interactive and changed their appearance when viewed from different perspectives. Reinterpretations of sculptures are therefore displayed alongside 3D web embeds and a looped 3D animation. The integrated augmented reality preview allows visitors to interact with them and view them in real life. He used Editor X to create his website, allowing him to adjust the design to suit the goals of the undertaking.

Shane was able to effortlessly make the web embeds with only one click after importing the digital statues into Vectary. Visitors to his website do not need to install any additional apps in order to use Augmented Reality. For artists like Shane, who can construct an instant virtual gallery anywhere in the globe with an internet connection, the AR capability is a tremendous tool that works natively on almost all devices.

"Coming from a 3D background, Vectary made it incredibly easy for me to present and embed my sculptures with an intuitive interface, and simple embed link, the AR feature is awesome for capturing pictures with the sculptures when I'm out and about too."