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Interactive product visualization for Apple Vision Pro

Take advantage of the latest immersive technology.

If you were considering when to start creating digital twins of your products, now is the time! Spatial design is becoming essential for companies, thanks to powerful and adaptable tools like Apple Vision Pro. It is applicable and flexible for all stages of product development, from prototyping, to team collaboration, to showing off the final presentation. It allows designers to generate, visualize, and refine their ideas more effectively than ever before.

Take the full advantage of using hotspots and annotation features to provide a comprehensive and detailed explanation. This approach allows the user to zoom in on specific features and highlight their unique benefits, which can significantly enhance the understanding and review of the product. It also ensures that no part is left unexplained, providing a complete overview.

How to bring your product design into Apple Vision Pro

The best way to make your product presentable in Apple Vision Pro is to create a digital twin and then turn it into an interactive presentation or a configurator with an Augmented Reality preview.

There's no need for an additional Apple Vision app for prototyping or presentation. Vectary is a browser-based online platform that can be accessed with Apple Vision Pro. Simply open the Safari browser, type in, and start the trial.

3D configurator showcase in Apple Vision Pro

After importing your 3D model into Vectary, you can enhance it into an interactive 3D configurator to illustrate its functions and variations. Share this presentation via a link or embed it on a website.

Every variant of the 3D configurator can be previewed in Augmented Reality along with the configurator itself. This lets you view multiple variations side by side and compare designs in AR. For reference, see this business use case example with Dowina guitars:

The Dowina guitar customizer boasts an impressive 2,600,529,297,408,000 possible configurations, all seamlessly integrated with Vision Pro. The company uses this configurator for a variety of reasons. It acts as a sales tool for customers, a pricing calculator for the sales department, and a specification guide for the manufacturing department. Read more in the Dowina case study.

AR animation showcase in Apple Vision Pro

With Apple Vision Pro it is possible to automatically preview animated 3D models in Augmented Reality. Animations created in Vectary can also be integrated into 3D configurators.

This robotic arm design shows the potential for explaining complex and interactive functionality with a configurator.  In addition to a full display in the browser, it showcases a life-size animated product in Augmented Reality.

3D and AR prototyping in Apple Vision Pro

Prototyping is done in Vectary Studio. There are many tutorials to get started. Currently, the Studio is optimized for Desktop and mouse usage, but once you open it in Vision Pro, use your hands, just like on any touch screen device.

For a more professional experience, we recommend using the Apple Vision Pro Mirror function. This lets you to connect your Mac, fully utilize the AR functionality while prototyping, and include it in your design workflow.

What industries can gain from a 3D configurator in Apple Vision Pro

Here are several ways to implement Vision Pro for your business or industry:

Electronics - Explain functionality and options

Medical - Use during customer meetings

Fashion - Display options in any retail environment

Consumer products - Showcase packaging and language variations

Manufacturing - Explain technical details of the provided CAD designs

Event agencies - Place the booth design in the venue location before production and later on, provide an eye-catching experience for visitors

Creative agencies - Add another service to the portfolio and improve concept buy-in

Education - Provide training simulations that mimic real-life experiences

Furniture - Showcase modularity and material variations

Real estate - Place interior design options at the location

Automotive - Customize and view the vehicle’s interior options

Finance and data visualization - Connect 3D graphs with real-time data using the Vectary API

This is just the start of Vectary's integration with Apple Vision Pro. We are currently working on more, new and innovative implementations of the Vectary experience on this platform. Stay tuned!

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