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Interact with 3D models in real-time

Launched: Interactions and Animations in Vectary

We’ve been working on developing the Vectary platform since 2014 and reaching this level of interactive performance feels monumental. What truly sets it apart is the browser-based accessibility, the amazingly high-professional quality rendering and truly collaborative options to ship interactive 3D experiences on the web and the Metaverses.

Why is this a game changer

Creating interactive and animated 3D content pushes the limits of how 3D design can be used as a functional tool in any workflow. The key word here is functionality. The presenter and the viewer have control over the interactive elements, allowing them to effectively introduce, explain, and showcase complex concepts using only one visual tool that they created themselves.

The potential of 3D animation combined with interactions extends beyond the standard use for games and films. Its purpose is to enter any business workplace, design or development studio, or even educational institution by making it accessible and simple to use. The possibilities for visually communicating concepts are limitless, and by making it browser-based, it becomes available to everyone.

“3D interactive experiences are the future of how work will get done. It goes beyond just design. It becomes the vehicle for concept presentation from marketing to engineering to product development. Companies will need to implement 3D pipelines or become irrelevant. That means, 3D skillset as well as the workflow Vectary covers, will be in high demand for companies now and in the fast approaching future of the Metaverse.” Michal Koor, CEO

What you need to know

Vectary Studio is divided into three main modes. Switch between modes on the top of the Studio canvas.

  • Start your project in Design mode where you would  build a scene, create or import 3D assets, adjust materials and add graphic elements for interactions. 
  • In the Interact mode you can set up interactions with triggers, conditions and actions. 
  • Animate Mode lets you create animations where you can adjust individual keyframes, and actions on a timeline.
  • See all your 3D animations and interactions in the Preview.

There are a lot of options, but here are a few to get you started

  • Exploded view
  • Configurators
  • Cursor hover interactions
  • Opening - closing parts of the object
  • Putting parts together

One link easy sharing and collaboration

One link sharing is always available during various stages of the project, as well as for the final showcase. Use it for team feedback or concept presentation in Notion, Miro, Pitch. Embed the final showcase to Webflow, Wix, Wordpress, Framer, Shopify, just to name a few options.