Announcing: Vectary Studio Beta

Vectary Studio Beta will make 3D design the visual future of the Web.

Hello, creators!

The launch of the new Studio Beta is taking us one step closer in our mission to advance the transformation of the web into 3D, enabling everyone to create, share, and experience 3D & AR content.

We truly believe that Studio Beta will represent the future of 3D design, one that is accessible and fully browser-based. It is an optimistic mission but it can't be achieved overnight or alone. That's why we're extending an invite to you.

We welcome you to try Studio Beta and let us know your thoughts by sharing them in our Community section.

Bring your creativity, we will take care of the rest

The changes we're making aim to make Vectary Studio Beta the easiest way for new designers to start their journey of creating content for the web, and for professional designers to use for producing high-quality work and sharing their creative ideas.

Our interface has been streamlined, making it less overwhelming

  • You'll see a cleaned-up top navigation bar. Less of things you don't need to think of as we're making them run in the background.
  • The gizmo has been specifically made to reduce complexity. It now includes control points that allow for intuitive usage and scaling.
  • 'Version History' is now available for a smoother design process.

Quickly switch between textures and colors, with fewer steps and less hassle of changing between programs.

  • Work effectively by switching between multiple materials and adding color combinations without leaving the editor.
  • Expand the possibilities by saving more materials per object and seamlessly change between them, adjust materials per object, by group, or as multi-select.
  • Create color gradients by using two selected colors to define the gradient effect.
  • Edit quickly with the new material picker. It's like a color picker you'd find in 2D design tools but it copies the properties of a material.

Light a scene like a master and bring your 3D models to their full potential with pre-set lighting and atmosphere options

Cut down on time it takes to properly light a scene by using our pre-sets. We've added three new Scene Effect settings: Soft Shadows, Reflections, and Ambient Occlusion.

  • Soft Shadows are the new, highly realistic shadows cast by all objects. Note, it can be hardware-intensive, so we'd recommend keeping it off until you're ready to view your final design.
  • Reflections will allow any Object Material with the ‘Roughness’ parameter set to ‘0’ to reflect all other objects, as long as they are also visible in the current view.
  • Ambient Occlusion works in the background to make your scene appear more photorealistic by adding shadows to every object.

Scene with Ambient Occlusion turned ON

The same scene with Ambient Occlusion turned OFF:

See the final result in your work environment with real-time rendering

That's right, automatically rendered 3D as you create. Great quality rendering is instant, allowing you to stay in the flow and carry out your edits. To reach the photorealistic quality standard we were aiming for, we have improved the rendering of shadows, refractions and textures.

Real-time rendering with Vectary showcasing new materials, that are coming soon to Vectary Studio Beta
  • Exporting renders for download is immediately accessible. You can also down only specified parts of your model.
  • Vectary Photon will be 'retired' but can still be found in Settings.

Better overall experience and easier-to-understand horizon line with the infinite grid

See the "big picture" with the infinite grid. It is a simple but important change conveniently located directly in the scene.

The new infinite grid in Vectary

The flexibility of working in the current Studio while trying Beta

We're aware that you might be here to work first, and play later. That's why we've created the option to choose Studio 3.0 (2020) to work in, with the option to explore the new Studio Beta.

We recommend using Studio 3.0 for already developed projects. If you do check out Studio Beta though, we hope to hear your feedback - it'll help us to ensure the best version of Vectary Studio.

That's it for now. We have some big plans ahead and appreciate your joining in on this journey. While the Vectary team continues to roll out new features and experiences, we welcome any suggestions and are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Be sure to check out our Community page, where we'll announce further changes and updates.


Will there be any narrated tutorials or demos explaining the features?

We're working on it (promise). Tutorials and in-tool onboarding will be added soon.

I found a bug. Where can I report it?

Please add any feedback on the changes to the Forum. We're checking new posts and comments daily.

My projects look different.

That's likely due to the improved rendering method. It provides a better render experience with automatic, real-time rendering. If you want to access the old renderers (Vectary Instant or Vectary Photon), go to Menu > Settings > Open Renderer

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