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Vectary for marketing teams

Adding 3D elements to websites, blogs, headers, or presentations.

More and more marketing teams are using 3D objects as key visuals. While we agree that designers should focus on intricate 3D design, there are instances when marketers must act independently to crank out content. Adding 3D elements to websites, blogs, headers or presentations creates memorable and flawless content. 

We decided to do a short tutorial series that will inspire, delight and also make the process a lot easier. 

3D visuals for presentations

In this first part, we focused on adding designs for presentations as a creative approach to conveying a message while giving the audience something new. 

  1. Use the read-made objects and change color, dimensions or add branding
  2. Download and add it to a presentation
  3. Play around with different visual data representations

3D visuals for a header in Webflow

In the second part of the series the tutorial dives into putting the Vectary Elements library's to use. Although there are other resources for obtaining 3D icons online, what makes Vectary stand out is the ease with which they can be customized. You can rotate them, alter the color, and even add your own logo. To round out the session, we'll use a Webflow template to add a blog header banner.

  1. Start with a ready-made icon and customize as needed
  2. Add other items from the Vectary Elements library
  3. Import a 2D logo and add to your design
  4. Download and insert into your web template

3D logo maker for AR

In the third part of the series we explain the process for creating a 3D logo from a 2D image and then presenting it in augmented reality (AR). Visualizing your branding in 3D is useful when setting up a retail space, OOH advertising or an exhibition area. In Vectary, it only takes a few clicks to make it happen.

  1. Import your 2D logo and quickly make it into a 3D object
  2. Customize the color, material and the lighting
  3. Share it and view it in AR by using your mobile phone

The ease of working with 3D is important, as there is so much versatility and opportunities to put together quality content for any presentation, website or report. In addition to downloading an image, we would also recommend doing direct embeds that can be viewed in 3D. A definite attention grabber!

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